To record a focus group:

Make two simultaneous recordings in case one fails.

Open Safari browser or FireFox browser and the camera page will load. Make sure it’s on and framed properly. Preset 1 will get the basic shot.


Use the Extron recorder with a USB stick. Press start and stop and wait for blinking green light to stop blinking before pulling stick out.

Use the QuickTime Recording Mac for the other recording. Open QuickTime Player and select “File” then “New Movie Recording.”

Press the red button icon for start and stop. Then when you’ve stopped the video: go to “File” and “Save.”

Now you have a copy on the Mac and one on the USB stick. If you used the Extron recorder, then there should also be an emergency backup copy on the server that Jonathan Satriale and Media Services managers know how to access.

For more help: email or call Media Services and ask for a manager. Richard Thomas at Media Services knows the Extron recorder and the room well. The IT Help Desk at extension 8080 can help with basic troubleshooting issues.


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